Our Office is closed at present, as we are abiding by Government Guidelines but we are working from home to ensure we continue to offer the T Payne & Co service levels. To contact us you can still email or call us. For Sales, 01945 419050, for Sales Progression (aftersales) 01480 468209. For all Letting enquiries including Maintenance, 07794 865571 Or alternatively, email us on for sales enquiries. for aftersales enquiries. For Letting enquiries, email or

We will, of course keep you fully updated as to current restrictions and Government Guidelines, but our priority is to keep our Staff and Customers safe.


My property is being marketed by T Payne & Co, what we are doing to try and find you a buyer

We are business as usual except that we are unable to conduct viewings at this time on your home. Your property is continuing to be fully marketed on Rightmove, our Website and of course Facebook, so we can take the contact details of anyone looking to view the property once the lockdown has been lifted. If you are looking at amending your asking price or adjusting your details, we are able to do so remotely and of course speak to the applicants on the mailing list, so don’t worry, we can still offer the same great service. Please let us know and we can take your instructions. These times are very difficult for all, and we will endeavour to give you updates as and when we can.

We are working closely with Government Guidelines at this time, so we are unable to conduct viewings on your home due to the lockdown as we are not classed as an essential service and as such, being told to stay home.
Properties that are currently Sold Subject to Contract
Your sale is unique to you and your buyer, and we would strongly recommend that you keep in regular contact with your Solicitor so that they can update you accordingly with regards to your chain (if there is one). Many Solicitors are working on skeleton staff and as such, timescales of your Sale may be longer than expected during this time of uncertainty. Please bear with them, we appreciate that moving is stressful enough, coupled with the unprecedented times can make it worse, however we are here to walk you through it and please contact us if you require anything. The Solicitors are working with the Law Society with regards to safe moving and we will update you on changes that come through, however moving at this time if in a chain is not advisable due to the availability of removals, and the additional health risks of moving to properties that have been occupied. Recent health advice has shown that the Covid-19 virus can survive on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours, so of course it is not advisable to move to a property that has been occupied. Solicitors are also advising if the move cannot be delayed, that a simultaneous exchange and completion takes place.

In the event that a buyer withdraws from a sale, we are remotely working so we can re market the property so as not to waste valuable marketing time. Of course, we will try to make sure that this does not happen but there can be
some situations beyond our control in these unprecedented times. Rest assured we work for you and will endeavour to find an alternative buyer as soon as we can. In the event of a successful completion, we can arrange safe handover of keys to reduce the risk of Covid-19. Please contact us and we can discuss the best option for you.

Buying from T Payne & Co
Whenever you want to talk to us just call or email and we can assist you with any queries you may have, however in the first instance, we would recommend that you contact your Solicitor for updates as we are finding it harder to get regular updates.
Potential Buyers – I want to view a property, what are my options?
Unfortunately, we are unable to conduct physical viewings at this time in line with Government Guidelines, however we can register your interest in the property you are interested in and we can contact you once the lockdown is lifted to arrange a suitable time to view. This is for the protection of our customers and Staff.

If you have offered on a property prior to the lockdown

You are still able to proceed and instruct the Solicitors to buy, however the legal process is taking longer and of course their can be delays with regards to organising surveys whilst the lockdown is in place, but we can do what we can in readiness for when things return to normal.


But currently the advice is Stay at home


With regards to exchanging contracts, each sale is unique so would recommend that you contact your Solicitor who will advise you if moving is a possibility at this time. Government guidelines are to stay at home. They will be able to advise you on your chain and all circumstances in the chain to see if moving is achievable during this lockdown period. We are unable to advise you legally. There has been an increase in simultaneous exchange and completions in recent weeks, however your Solicitor can advise you on the best options for exchange and completion to suit your own personal circumstances.   There is no need to withdraw from buying at this time, but the timescale of getting the legal work completed can be delayed as can of course the actual moving date. Everyone is in the same situation so patience is called for, you will move.

Please let us know if you require any other information but in the meantime.