At T Payne and Co, we strive to make the sales and buying process as stress free as possible for you. With that in mind, we can offer the following additional services. Please contact us and we can let you know about the available options.

EPC – We can arrange this for you. (Even if you are not selling through us). Contact us to arrange for our Energy Assessor to contact you at a convenient time. Our EPC provider only charges £60 per EPC with no VAT to pay.

SOLICITORS – We work with a selection of local Solicitors who will work with you, and us, to achieve the results you want, with as minimal inconvenience to you. Whether it is easier for you to come and see a local Solicitor personally, or deal via e-mail, we can find the right Solicitor for you.

FINANCIAL ADVICE – We have our selected mortgage advisers who will be happy to see you at a convenient time to suit, either at our office or in your home.

SURVEYS - We have a RICS qualified Surveyor that we recommend should you require a more in depth survey.